We’ll be referring you to many others

We just received your remittance via wire transfer. We are so impressed with your service and your results. We were referred to you and now we’ll be referring you to many others. We hope this will show our appreciation and satisfaction!

Ingrid M.

You deserve more than a 5-star rating

We found you online and quickly felt comfortable with you and your service. I was surprised by your responsiveness and even more by the fact that you collected our $59,000.00 claim. The debtor disputed the balance, but you found a way to persuade them to pay in full. You deserve more than a 5-star rating!

Ruzanna S.

Quick turnaround

Thank you for your help! You were able to do in a matter of weeks, what I was not able to do in several months!!

Dawn T.

Recommend your services

Many thanks for an exceptionally smooth engagement. I will always recommend your services should I find anybody who could benefit.

Chris C.

Outstanding job

Thank you for your reply. We look forward to receiving C__ final payment. ($87,249.84) You and your firm have done an outstanding job in bringing this difficult matter to a successful close.

Clyde E.

Highly recommend their services

We gave Direct Recovery an aged debt owed to our business from an individual that had not signed a contract. I really thought it was not recoverable – but WOW – after supplying an email trail as proof, we had a check in our hands for the full amount, less fees, within a month. I have no hesitation using Richard and his business in the future and highly recommend their services. Thank you for a great job.

Nici M.

Impressed with you guys


Your check will go out today. And I must say I am pretty impressed with you guys. You got this customer, who was totally non-responsive, to pay in a short amount of time. Great work, I look forward to using you again when the need arises.

Ed F.

I am very pleased

Hi Richard!!

Yesterday I received divorce papers in the mail from California!!! It’s like Christmas here!!! Money and Divorce – what more could a girl want?

Perhaps he has found another woman with money? I am very pleased that all of it has now been paid and that part of my life can really be relegated to the past.

Maureen D.

Good work!

I Just received the check from DRA for partial payment on one of our accounts (C_ T_). What a nice surprise! We had all but written this one off…Good work!

Also, we will be sending a couple new ones to you in the next week or so…. Once again, thank you for your help,

Rosana M.

Excellent work

We received your check for the collection case we sent you. We were surprised and amazed you were able to collect this one for us! We appreciate your excellent work and thank you very much for your assistance.

Alex T.

Diligent team

Hi Richard,

I received the check with thanks! We would like to thank you and your team for your diligence in helping us recover the funds owed!

Paul M.

High rate collection

We just reviewed our account summary and you collected over 90% of our claims. We’re delighted, especially considering our law firm’s E&O insurance precludes us from taking legal action to collect our receivables. We wouldn’t have thought we could collect at such a high rate without the ability to file suit. Your collectors are amazing!

Vicki K.

Full Amount

Oh my gosh! Thank you so much!!
We can’t believe you levied our debtor’s bank account and scored a direct hit, for the full amount!
We owe you Starbucks! Thank you for the great work!

Jane Y.

You’re a joy to work with

We’re so happy with your team that I wanted to take the time to express our gratitude for your excellent collection services. You not only collected our money in a quick and efficient manner, but you were a joy to work with during the process. You are very impressive.

Lance D.

Prompt, efficient, honest and direct

Mr. Hart, thank you so much! If ever there were a time that I’d want to have a collections company to work with for past due debts, it would definitely be yours. You were so prompt, efficient, honest and direct.
Thank you again,

Mariama M

Made life-long clients out of us


I just got your check in the mail. I seriously can’t believe the client is ACTUALLY paying towards this balance! We had pretty much given up on this account, so you have definitely made life-long clients out of us! Thanks and have a great weekend!

Very Sincerely,

Samantha C.

Constant effort to get the job done

Dear Richard,

This is called great news… Thank you very much for your information. We have already informed our Bank to inform us as soon as they receive the payment from Chr_. We are very much impressed on your constant effort to get the job done. Well done! Keep it up… We are recommending your name to all my export community so that if they have any cases like this they can utilize your excellent service to save them from the debt. Thank you, once again. ($11,400.00)

Murari N.

Great work ethic

Hi Richard,

I wasn’t expecting such a positive response with hard work behind it. You have got a great work ethic! Thanks so much—we truly appreciate it.

Kimberly D.

We are grateful of your professionalism

Hello Richard,

Next time we’re in California, we owe you lunch! We are grateful of your professionalism. We got the check today. Thanks to you, we will have an extra merry Christmas! Thanks again! You now have a long-term customer! ($11,462.94)

Best wishes,

Steve M.

Appreciated your prompt, professional service

This is to inform you that I have received the wire transfer. Thank you for the same. I have taken the liberty to circulate your name to my associates in India and in the US as a firm that gives thorough and professional service at a reasonable rate. Anyone who has collection problems in both the countries known to me have been advised to be in touch with you. I have always appreciated your prompt, professional service.

Hemant M.

We appreciate all the efforts

This all wouldn’t have happened without your commitment to our collection, thank you and be sure that we appreciate all the efforts have been invested in our case. Blessings. ($67,179.13)

Hanna A.

We love working with you!

Check received, thank you! Please find two more accounts attached.

Josh E.

Appreciate the efforts

You have earned my business going forward, Richard. We don’t have many of these, but when we do get them, they will be sent your direction. I do appreciate the efforts.

Jason P.

Great news

Richard, thank you for the great news! I do appreciate your assistance in resolving this issue with C… We now know who to go to in the future if this happens again!

Herb F.

Great team

Your team is great! How do you collect so many of our accounts? Well done.

Kathleen S.

Be in Touch

Thank you! I appreciate your help in getting this case closed.  I will definitely be in touch should we have another account to send to collections. Have a great day!

Rebecca S.

We’ll send to you all of our accounts

We sent you two test accounts that were admittedly long-shots and you collected both. We’re done testing you and now you’ll get all our accounts. Thank you.

Elly G.

Very impressed

Hey Richard:

Just received a check from you for the ‘The O’ account. I have to say that I am very impressed you managed to get any money out of them. Don’t know how you did it and maybe I don’t want to know, but I’ll certainly keep you in mind if this ever happens again.

Thanks again Richard, much appreciated.

Glenn C.

You guys ROCK

Signed, faxed, and settled. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
You guys ROCK!!!

Marc D.

You are a miracle worker

I got the check today! Thank you so much! I didn’t expect anything out of it honestly! You are a miracle worker and really made my week! Thank you so much, and I’ll definitely refer you and use you in the future!!!! THANKS!!!

Rem S.

Thanks for all your help Richard

Money ($45,000.00) rec’d – thanks for all your help Richard. I honestly thought i wouldn’t see a cent. Great result.

Kind regards

Adam B.

Professional expertise

Dear Mr. Hart,

Thank you and your team for your professional expertise in handling this complicated matter to a successful conclusion. ($17,665.50)


Victor J.

Thank you again for all your help

Awesome. Yes, it was super-fast. Thank you again for all your help on this file!!! I hope we don’t get anymore – however I will be back to you if we do. Look forward to working with you if we need to.

Thanks heaps

Deanna M.

Thanks for help collecting final payment

I received the final payment from Spi_ today ($138,450.00). It was a pleasure working with you and we will keep in touch!! Thank you for all you have done!!

Best Regards,

Annette N.

I would highly recommend your services

Just wanted to thank you for the cheque I received today. Once again, you came through for me; that’s two for two! You and your team were able to recover my funds both times in a timely manner without incident.

Glenn H.

Moral victory

Got the check today! Thanks so much for your hard work on this. You always kept me in the loop and were super thorough. It’s more of a moral than monetary victory. Hopefully I won’t need to reach out again, but if someone tries to stiff us we will be in touch!


Jonathan Z

They will eventually pay

Thank you for collecting our accounts. The credit reporting you do is very effective! In working with you, we’ve learned that, eventually, our debtors will pay.

Emily B.

Persuaded our debtor to pay

Thank you for your excellent work! We appreciate how you somehow persuaded our debtor to pay, after stalling for so many months. You are so easy to work with and thank you once again for all your help.

Keith Y.

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